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Underground of Iceberg

Sometimes looking is not enough itself. You need to have a closer look and follow the details. Many hidden things can be revealed in an unexpected time and place. Is the information limited to visible things? How about beyond the visible?

Graves depict different beliefs and interpretations on death of societies.
How extraordinary can a cemetery of an ordinary Aegean village be?
What can a church at the center of İstanbul hide?
The tombs of whom have been overlooked for centuries by being left unnamed?
Could a significant reality for the Christian world come to light the Turkish soil?

Realities that are sometimes more striking than imagination. They just quietly wait under an iceberg to reveal…

Creative by & director: İbrahim Güldalı
Narrator: Ayhan Kahya
Scriptwriter: Bilge Egemen
Director of photography: Osman Siewertsen
Assistant director: M. Yavuz Küçük
Project coordinator: Burcu Ergin
Music: Müzikotek
Graphic design: Rashad Mammadov
Gaffer: Güven Haydan
Camera assistants: Hakan Kömürcü – Erdi Yaygun


Project Detail

CLIENT : TRT Belgesel

DATE : 2015 / 2016


WEBSITE : http://www.trtbelgesel.net.tr/