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The Lost Tale of Orphanage

About being a child in an orphanage in 1980s… The lives of little souls of Yakacık Orphanage that changed with the roles they took in ‘Hodja fra Pjort’ titled movie inspired from a Danish fairytale… The documentary follows the traces of an old set photograph of the orphans who played in the movie and the crew. The documentary that contacts almost all those kids, the movie crew and the managers of the orphanage at that period reveals surprising facts from this fairy tale. ‘Yetiştirme Yurdunun Kayıp Masalı’ tries to show how it was like to be a child in the orphanage back in 1980s, what a movie can be transformed in the eyes and dreams of kids, and how brotherhoods start in the orphanage through a flying carpet. The documentary connects the pieces of this tale that scatter to various cities of Turkey and various countries of the world.

Producer: İbrahim Güldalı
Director: Seyfettin Tokmak
Consultant: Nihat Alpteki
Director of photography: Atilla Güler
Graphic design: Rashad Mammadov
Original music by: Emre Gümüşoğlu
Project Detail


DATE : 2013

TAGS : Documentary

WEBSITE : http://www.trthaber.com/