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The Great Poets

‘Ulu Ozanlar’ tells the stories of poet-singers that affected the belief structures of Anatolian Alevism and Bektashism deeply throughout the history, and continued their effect until today. The story of each of these names that continued their effect by resisting the long years and even centuries is told in an individual episode. This documentary that is supported with stringed instruments, whirling dervishes, wind instruments, expert opinions and animations examines these great Anatolian names’ important impact on social lives and behaviors along with beliefs as the first comprehensive Turkish documentary about this subject.

Producer & director: İbrahim Güldalı
Consultan: Dursun Gümüşoğlu
Illustration: Ali Can Meydan
Graphic design: Rashad Mammadov
Original music by: Emre Gümüşoğlu
Narrator: Levent Dönmez


Project Detail


DATE : 2010 / 2011

TAGS : Documentary

WEBSITE : http://www.trtmuzik.net.tr/