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Oya Bahadır Yüksel Youth Center

Hope and future… “Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Oya Bahadır Yüksel Youth Center” gives hope to addicted teenage boys between age of 13-19 with a treatment model that sets a global example and promises them a clean future to make their dream come through. The film features insights and opinions of authorities about the center and rehabilitation process, looking closer to the new lives of young people who say “hello” to the life again after rehabilitation.

Producer & director: İbrahim Güldalı
Director of photography: Gökçe Sungur
First assistant director: M. Yavuz Küçük
Coordinator: Burcu Ergin


Project Detail

CLIENT : Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

DATE : 2014

TAGS : Documentary

WEBSITE : https://gantep.bel.tr/