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On The Path of My Father: Palestine

‘Babamın İzinde; Filistin’ is a story that the presenter Bilge Egemen tells from her own voice and discovers her own roots. Bilge Egemen chases the past of his Palestine originated father Dr. Nizam Egemen (Hamdi) that she lost suddenly in 2004 and thus didn’t have time to listen this story directly from him. She talks with her family members that scatter all around the world, and follows the traces of past from Turkey to Jordan, Kuwait, Israel and finally to Israel in this documentary sharing their departure/escape from Palestine in 1948 (when her father was only 10).

Producer & director: İbrahim Güldalı
Created by & copywriter: Bilge Egemen
Director of photography: Atilla Güler
Original music by: Emre Gümüşoğlu


Project Detail


DATE : 2011 / 2012

TAGS : Documentary

WEBSITE : http://www.trtarabic.tv/