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Notes in My Suitcase

Bilge Egemen travels from north to south, east to west city by city, village by village, and shares the best tunes, dances in her bag and the human stories behind them with viewers of TRT Müzik. How the local music and dance are reflected on the city’s soul and how they shape the city’s identity are revealed. Masters and pupils, self-educated and schooled, those whose eyes shine the moment they touch and instrument, those who travel in time with a tune, in short everyone who lives with music come together in ‘Bavulumda Notalar’.

Producer & director: İbrahim Güldalı
Created by: Bilge Egemen
Director of photography: Atilla Güler


Project Detail


DATE : 2010 / 2011


WEBSITE : http://www.trtmuzik.net.tr/