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Human Stories

People live… People collect… And every person has a story to tell. So, what about making 10 minutes to meet a new person? The documentary titled ‘İnsan’, which has the quality of being the first and only with its original format that had not been screened before, carries the striking story of a different person to the screen with its most natural and sincere form in its each episode. And it leaves the owner of the story and the viewers alone with its realistic and plain narration that abstains from elements like a production with cinematographic images, a presenter and a narrator. Witnessing the extraordinary lives of ordinary people sometimes surprises, sometimes saddens, sometimes puts a smile on your faces, but always drags you to new discoveries about life and people as you identify these stories with you own lives.

Producer & director: İbrahim Güldalı
Director of photography: Gökçe Sungur
First assistant director: M. Yavuz Küçük
Coordinator: Burcu Ergin


Project Detail


DATE : 2013 / 2014


WEBSITE : http://www.trthaber.com/