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Gaziantep Zoology and Nature Museum

Gaziantep Zoology and Nature Museum

How about a different journey in Gaziantep Zoology and Nature Museum?
Gaziantep Zoology and Nature Museum opens the doors of a fantastic world where time is frozen…
It introduces you to animals which lived millions of year ago, extinct ones and endangered animals…
It enables you to closely look at hundreds of animals surviving up to our day and with whom we share the nature…

Creative by & director: İbrahim Güldalı
Director of photography: Osman Siewertsen
Assistant director: M. Yavuz Küçük
Project coordinator: Burcu Ergin
Camera assistant: Hakan Kömürcü


Project Detail

CLIENT : Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

DATE : 2017

TAGS : Commercial

WEBSITE : https://gantep.bel.tr/